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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

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Prized by connoisseurs as possibly the worlds perfect cup. A medium bodied coffee that is tangy and pungent with a a lingering floral, almost perfumy aroma.
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Ethiopia produces some of the most varied and distinctive gourmet coffes in the world and Yirgacheffe ranks among the best of them.

Different from other African Coffees and Ethiopian Harrar - Yirgacheffe adds a soft, fragrant, flowery note that is complex to the palate with a long resonant finish.

This is a medium bodied coffee that is tangy and pungent with a a lingering floral, almost perfumy aroma. Prized by connoisseurs as the possibly worlds perfect cup.




We select and import only the finest quality hand picked gourmet Arabica beans from around the world. Roast in small batches to order and ship them out to you within 24 hours to ensure absolute freshness.

Customer Reviews

Good coffee
I first tried this coffee when I received a free trial package with my order. I am so glad that Todd sent it because I love it and ordered a pound with my next order. I will continue to order this delicious coffee
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Fort Myers, FL on 8/20/2017
been getting this one for years. alwways good. and only 3 day delivery to alaska!
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Reviewed by:  from anchorage ak on 6/8/2017
Love my Ethiopian Yirgacheffe!
I tried other coffees that No Name Java offers, but keep coming back to my Ethiopian Yirgacheffe! My day just doesn't get started right without it! (And I have it shipped to NJ!)
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Reviewed by:  from Martinsville, NJ on 11/7/2015
One of the finest coffee to enjoy. Unbelievable aroma and aroma.
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Reviewed by:  from Sugar Mill woods on 6/30/2015

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