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Organic Colombian - RFA
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Finca Potosi, proud producer of the Organic Colombian Valle de Cauca Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, is located in the municipality of Caicedonia in the Valle De Cauca Department. The farm is owned by the Herrera family which has been producing coffee for the past 40 years, ever since the patriarch of the Herrera family moved to the area.The Valle de Cauca region, also known as the Pacific Door of Colombia, is located in the western half of Colombia. It is well known for its beauty and is one of the country’s most important regions due to its abundance of natural resources.Perfect weather, the right altitude, family dedication and hard work are the ingredients for producing an excellent coffee that is shown in its cup.




We select and import only the finest quality hand picked gourmet Arabica beans from around the world. Roast in small batches to order and ship them out to you within 24 hours to ensure absolute freshness.

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